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    ONE of One for a Saxon Ribbon Bar

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    Guest Rick Research

    For those of you convinced that I have magic powers-- I have just spent two days wasted looking in the wrong places on this one from the David S Mystery Recipients Collection:

    I was STYMIED at lack of success in the source of ultimate appeal, Erhard Roth's Saxon Hauptleute up career biographies.

    But then :speechless: I noticed

    the Xs are not dull tarnished GOLD, they are well worn SILVER.


    NOT the ORDERS... the MERIT CROSSES!!!!

    Spent the morning going through the permutations and there was exactly ONE Warrant Officer who held the SV4X, SA4X and SMK----

    Erwin G?rtner

    SV4X 19.4.17 as Feldwebel Leutnant in Saxon Leib Grenadier Regiment 100

    SA4X 31.12.15 as Feldwebel Leutnant in Saxon Leib Grenadier Regiment 100

    SMK 9.4.18 as Feldwebel Leutnant in Ersatz Bn/ GR 100, Kaufmann aus Dresden

    4th ribbon is unknown?appears to be faded away pale blue and not a Saxon Lifesaving Medal. 5th ribbon is presumably a Saxon LD2 or a Saxon IX from career NCO service ended before the war, since G?rtner's SMK entry shows him with a civilian job, not a serving career NCO.

    SV4X = 373 awarded in WW1

    SA4X = 1,389 awarded in WW1

    SMK = 3,950 awarded?of which 537 were to Saxons

    Luckily I do not bill me by the hour or I'd be :speechless1:


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