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    Order of the Red Star, Nr. 886800

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    Just received this Order of the Red Star, Nr. 886800, with its Award Book, and was wondering if I could get some additional information based on what I'll be posting.

    First the Red Star itself in excellent condition. . .

    Edited by Bill Garvy
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    Here is a scan of the stamp on the above page. I suspect this might have been a long service award given it's proximity to another Red Star in my collection, Nr. 896316.

    As always your assistance is much appreciated, and thank you for looking!

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    His name is Boris Ivanovich Olesov, his rank is Lieutenant. The stamp says "Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR".

    The awards in the booklet are Order of the Red Banner # 32343, Order of the Red Star # 886800 and Order of Aleksandr Nevsky # 29602.

    Privileges for the Red Banner started on 1 February 1942 and the booklet was filled in on 20 June 1942. The Red Star and Nevsky were added later.

    Your Red Ster could be a 3 November 1944 long service award.


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    Guest Rick Research

    :Cat-Scratch: EXCELLENT wartime book! :cheers: Ferdinand!

    He well may be an NKVD Lieutenant, as far as I can tell--

    1) no metallic braid around the collar tabs or branch device at the back end

    2) not a technical branch, since the piping and the tab color are very close--which also makes me think not a military Commissar.

    3) cannot be a boring old supply officer-- I cannot imagine ANY supply officer getting a Nevsky!

    You want to zoom in on that photo so we can REALLY see the whole collar and cap insignia (colored cloth star behind the metal one) clearly?

    I would STRONGLY suggest getting research not only on this Red Star (which may well be a "real" one in the long service range, given his low rank) but also the citations for BOTH the original 1942 Red Star AND the 1945 Nevsky. Adding the career details to the surviving Red Star will be well worth it. We may all be amazed.

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    I haven't a clue where his other awards could be, but I'm looking. Research is pending, and, as you requested, here is the close-up Lieutenant Boris Ivanovich Olesov's picture, which is really quite striking. . .

    Rick, is anything else discernable? I appreciate being able to see at all this through your eyes in a manner of speaking. . .

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    Guest Rick Research

    OK, NO cloth star behind the metal one on his cap. The collar tabs MAY be the subdued tunic-colored field type-- though he appears to still be wearing enamel rank cubes, not painted ones.

    Can't see whether his pockets are pleated (state security) or plain (army).

    He's either INFANTRY in an odd and unusual combination of subdued insignia or NKVD (wine red and brick red tabs). The tabs look like the same color as the collar piping, so I'm still inclined towards NKVD. Anybody (Dave?) ever seen a mere infantry Lieutenant with an EARLY wartime issued Orders Book with photo? That's why I suspect he was NKVD and this is a "special" issue.

    This ought to be some nifty research when it comes back. :jumping:

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    • 4 months later...

    Received the translations, and am still waiting for the copies of the original documents. I thought I would post what I had, and will post the copies whence they arrive. . .


    1. First, middle and last names OLESOV Boris Ivanovich

    2. Rank Guards Captain

    3. Position, unit Commander assistant of 130th Lettish operational department on corps commander radio station of 130th Lettish riflemen.

    Is recommended for the order of the Red Star

    4. Year of birth 1920

    5. Nationality Russian

    6. Party membership

    CPSU(B) candidate member, since September 1944, card #7570335


    Participation in the civil war and other military actions aimed at the defense of the USSR (where and when) During the Patriotic war under Moscow since December 1941 till January 1942. North-Western Front ? since August 1942 till October 1943. 2nd Popular Front - since April 1944 up till now.

    8. Wounds or contusions received in Patriotic war (date, month, year of wounds, location at present) Seriously wounded on December 31,1941under Moscow.

    9. In the Red Army since 1940

    10. Drafted by what district military commissariat

    Tsesensky city military commissariat, Latvian Soviet Socialist Republic.

    11. Previous awards Order of the Red Banner and For the Defense of Moscow medal. /Order of the Red Banner on May 20, 1942/

    12. Permanent home address (of the prospective awardee or his family) Riga seaside, Iriedaine station.

    Brief description of personal feat or merits

    Being a corps commander assistant at radio station Captain Olesov in severe conditions of the attack managed to promote units control by radio /in the periods of wire communication absence/.

    Besides he carried out different tasks of the command in the army.

    Deserves the government award the Order of the Red Star.

    Commander of the staff operational department of 130th Lettish rifle corps:

    Guards Lieutenant Colonel (signed) /GALIMOV/

    October 14, 1944


    Corps staff commander

    Colonel (signed) /Buman/

    October 14, 1944

    ? (unreadable) by order of the Red Star ? ? ?

    Edited by Bill Garvy
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    Record card

    Order book No 087737

    1. Last name: OLESOV

    2. First, middle names: Boris Ivanovich

    3. Military rank: Guards Major

    4. Sex: Male

    5. Year of birth: 1920

    6. Place of birth: Moscow

    7. Party membership since: C.P.S.U.(B) member since 1942

    8. Education: incomplete secondary

    9. Nationality: Russian

    10. In the Red Army since: 1940

    11. Place of service (name of the unit) and position occupied when awarded: commander assistant of 130th Lettish operational department of rifle corps

    12. Current place of service and position: second in command of Guards rifle training battalion of 43rd Guards Lettish rifle division

    13. Home address of the awardee: Riga, 55 Terbatas, flat 28

    14. Record of previous awards

    Names of orders, medals Their numbers Document numbers Ground for award


    Order of the Red Banner 32343 Order book № 087737

    Order of the Red Star 886800 Temp./Certif.№ 255901 Order to 22nd Army № 0207/N of October 19, 1944

    ? Order number and date are not indicated

    Signature of awardee (signed) ________________________

    Data correctness and signature of awardee

    attested by: Head of the personnel department, 43rd Guards Lettish rifle division

    Guards Major of executive department (signed) /Zhigadlo/

    October 04, 1946

    Last name: OLESOV

    First name: Boris

    Middle name: Ivanovich

    Military rank: Lieutenant

    Position and name of the unit: platoon leader commander of foot reconnaissance, 122nd rifle regiment of 291st Lettish rifle division


    Order or medal Date of Decree of the USSR Supreme Council Presidium Ground for award

    Order of the Red Banner Order № 011 of January 31, 1942 For the battles against German fascism


    Home address: No address

    Wounded ? Western front

    Biographical particulars:

    1. Year of birth ? 1920

    2. Place of birth

    3. Party membership

    4. Nationality - Russian

    Awards presented:


    Medal Date of awarding Place of awarding №№ of


    medal №№ of

    order documents

    Order of the Red Banner July 20, 1942 Checkpoint of 201st Lettish rifle division 323430 87737

    Other notes: Submitted a petition for presentation of the award in Ivanovskaya region. June 14, 1942

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    1. Last name, first name, patronymic OLESOV BORIS IVANOVICH


    2. Born on May 01, 1920

    3. Nationality Russian

    4. What languages, but the native one, knows, to what extent Russian None 13. Military rank conferred Year and date Order No (PCD)

    5. Place of birth Moscow

    Senior Lieutenant October 30, 1942 № 0550 II A

    Captain August 12, 1943 № 0669 North-Western Front

    6. Party membership Non-party Major December 27, 1944 № 0766 2nd Baltic Front

    14. Participation in campaigns (where and against whom)

    Western Front

    North-Western Front

    2nd Baltic Front Date

    Dec. 05, 1941 ? Dec. 31, 1941

    Sept. 15, 1942 ? Oct. 1943

    March 02, 1944 ? May 09, 1945

    7. Social position and social origin Worker

    8. Occupation (profession) Metalworker

    15. Wounds and contusions received

    Heavy wound on December 31, 1941

    9. Marital status (family composition and age) Married Wife ? Olesova, 1922 year of birth, mother Olesova E.M.

    16. Government awards

    Red Banner order, 1942

    Red Star order, 1944

    For Defense of Moscow medal, 1944

    For the Victory Over Germany medal, 1945

    10. Civil education (names of educational institutions) 6 grades of school in Riga Data

    17. State of health



    11. Military education:

    a) in the old army None

    b) in the Soviet Army (graduation mark) Riga, infantry military college

    ?Vystrel? courses from October, 1943 till March, 1944 November, 1940;

    August, 1941

    21. OLESOV Boris Ivanovich 30. Registed (where)

    Baltic Military District

    Riga, Kirovsky Military commissariat

    22. Major, Command staff

    23. Combat arm: Infantry

    24. Group Senior, reserve of 1st rank

    25. Registered till December 31, 1980

    12. Party education - None 27. Place of service and position (or kind of activity, besides the military register) 33. Service in the White and foreign armies


    28. Home address

    Riga, 55 Terbatas, flat 28 34. Special marks

    Military card series AK No 45128 of August 12, 1950


    Enrolled on service in the Soviet Army, November 18, 1940

    Place of unit Position Year Month and day By whose order No

    Infantry military college, Riga Cadet 1940 November, 18

    122nd rifle regiment, 201st Lettish rifle division Platoon leader commander of foot reconnaissance 1941 August

    At the hospital Under treatment due to wound 1941 December, 31

    I detached ? ? , rifle regiment Rifle platoon leader commander 1942 March, 10

    Detached reconnaissance company of 43rd Guards Lettish rifle division of North-Western Front Deputy company commander 1942 September, 15

    43rd Guards Lettish rifle division Divisional commander adjutant 1942 November, 15 43rd Guards rifle division № 045

    ?Vystrel? courses of the detached command battalion Hearer 1943 October, 10

    Detached training rifle battalion of 43rd Guards Lettish rifle division Deputy battalion commander 1944 March, 02 43rd Guards rifle division № 010

    Staff of 130th Lettish rifle corps, 2nd Baltic Front Commander assistant of operational department at corps commander radio station 1944 July, 15 22nd Army № 02

    125th Guards rifle regiment, 43rd Guards Lettish rifle division of the Baltic Military District Rifle battalion commander 1945 November, 07 Baltic Military District № 0114

    Detached guards training rifle battalion of 43rd Guards Lettish rifle division, Riga, Baltic Military District Deputy battalion commander 1946 July, 26 Baltic Military District № 01149

    Sergeant staff team school of 29th detached Guards Lettish Riga brigade. Riga. Baltic Military District Deputy school commander 1947 April, 01 Baltic Military District № 0330 of March 29, 1047

    Transferred to the reserve under clause 43 it. ?б? , under Ministry of War order № 01176 of August 15, 1950

    Military commissar, Lieutenant Colonel (signed) /?/

    Head of 3rd unit of Kirovsky district military commissariat

    Major of executive department (signed) Kazakov

    Edited by Bill Garvy
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    Guest Rick Research

    I'd like to see scans of the original Russian pages, since there is some quite awkward, incorrect, and conflicting information above that almost sound like Babelfisch rather than a human brain.

    Though sometimes my human brain is not great prize....

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    Thanks, Rick, I certainly will post the original Russina documents when they arrive. Usually I receive them first and then the translations, but this time it was the other way around. By the way, I am still waiting. . .

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    The collar tabs are definately 1941 subdued ones. There is a clear lack of piping. As for enameled insignia I have seen this in other photo's and own some green enameled squares which were used on subdued patches. I have also heard of red squares on the green patches when there were no green squares to issue. In 1941/2 all sorts of breaches of uniform regulations were allowed by neccesity.

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