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    Polish Cross of Valor...

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    Hello Gordon,

    Although it's near impossible in most cases to exactly match different countries' medals (and I'm not an expert on Polish medals anyway), I think it's close to the British Military Cross although the criteria for its award may well be indicate a somewhat lesser degree of valour is needed to obtain the Polish cross.

    My 2 Eurocents worth ...

    And just for the fun of it, some pictures :

    Obverses dated resp. 1920, 1943 and 1944 - Can someone tell me more about the 1943 version ? I'm not sure what that one is about ...



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    Cheers Guys, thats of great help!!

    Any idea what the chances of researching such an award would be?

    The relative I`m trying to research was 30003053 SSgt Eugeniufz Kozik, his medals & photo would suggest that he won it twice! Not sure what campaigns he fought in in total, but he was certainly at Monte Casino, and was in an Armoured unit of some kind. I`ll try and scan his picture, and see if I can post it. Leave it with me.

    His Cross is the 1920 type.

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    If you need records and research information then the place to contact would be the Sikorski Institute. Unfortunately they do not do email so you will either have to ring them or send them an old fashioned letter. They have a website with all of their contact info.


    I also have access to some national records here in Canada through the Polish Combatants Assoc. and may be of some slight help. Drop me a PM if you need further assistance.

    Hope that helps.


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    • 2 weeks later...

    I haven't been popping in for over a month. Yes, I do agree the Cross of Valour is closest to the British Military Cross, with the difference that it could be awarded to any soldier, irrespective of rank or service (including allied soldiers and civilians). As far as US decorations are regarded, the closest one seems to be the Silver Star.

    I think it is a good idea to contact the Polish Institute, London for identification. Do contact Dr. Suchcitz or Mr. Barbarski, they will probably be the best to assist.

    My two-bits to Hendrik: your collection of CV is impressive indeed. The 1943 type, if genuine, is a rarity! One small comment: remove the bar from the 1944 type or pass it onto the 1920 type. The 1944 Crosses of Valour were worn separately for each award, the way the Soviet orders were. Bars were not used at all.

    Best regards to all,


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