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Astounding fake Saxon (HAH) Ribbon Bar!

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Yup. With all the work Daniel has done so far on Saxony and W?rttemberg, absurdities like this--even regardless of what they :speechless1: LOOK like, the COMBINATIONS are verifiable

or not

and will no longer snare anyone who

a) asks here first and

b) gets the reference works which are "in the pipeline."

Uh, aside from the crowned St Henry :speechless: , the WM3 :speechless: is immediately verifiable as


possible in this combination of awards, which no recipient of both ever got.

Though I'm sure some smug genius with more cash than adjoining brain cells will pay BIG bucks for this Frankenstein fantasy fraud. I'm assuming the trick-within-the-lure is to make somebody think--from this "quality" of scans--that the "Kalahari 1908" Spange is legit.) :speechless:

Our knowledge increases day by day. They can try, but they will not succeed against anyone who does their homework, has the references, and knows who to ask for the right information.

Gotta love that little saggy brass pin truss in the middle, though. :cheeky:

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