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    Just noticed on this wartime shot that the tip of the mast on the Viking ship is directly under or slight to the left of the swastika. On every real badge I have seen, the mast is well to the right of the swastika. Anyone seen one that would match up with this ?

    Second shot is from the same individual, but more "straight-on"

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    even on the Japanese badges the mast is to the right of the swastika.

    Gordon,is the detail of the badge you posted from a photo of Theodor Detmers of the Kormoran.If so, the photograph was taken in an Australian POW camp and the badge was probably made by one of the crew members.I beleive that the Knights Cross,that he is wearing was sent to him from Germany to the Australian POW camp.There are a couple of shots of Detmers that were take in both the white and blue uniform and wearing his awards in the POW camp.

    Other surviving crew members of the Kormoran also received awards whilst in captivity,so i am told.


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    Hi Gordon.

    to confirm my above comments i talked to Joe Slavick who has interviewed several Kormoran crewmen.They told him for a fact that parcels arrived at the POW camp in Australia with badges for award.They recieved official awards and award notices while they were in captivity.

    We do not know if it was an official interaction between the warring countries of Germany and Australia directly or if some intermediary (i.e.Red Cross ) was used,but there was some process for making it happen.

    However,there were no comments from the crewmen about making there own HSK badges in the camps,so the badge that Detmers is wearing in the photo's is a mystery.


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