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    Dear forumites:

    I would like to show you a bar adquired by my brother Marco this year. I requested some images from him... and here they are! Quite colourfull ribbons. What's interesting, it's the combination Bavaria-Reuss (Silberne Verdienstmedaille mit Schwertern)... and of course the 3 ribbon bars which go with it!



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    Guest Rick Research

    There were only 31 Reuss Silver Medals with Xs gazetted to Bavarian aoldiers and NCOs up to the end of 1917... some indication of how special this is. cheers.gif

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    Guest Rick Research

    Ahhh... unsure.gif my ninja.gif sources for NON-Bavarian awards in the Personal-Nachrichten. Unfortunately, I have not had the Personal-Nachrichten since about 1977, when I had them on Interlibrary Loan from... the Library Of Congress (the United Staes Congress rarely needs to consult them for legislation cheeky.gif )

    IF the PN could be used to match up Bavarian MVK awards (there are no indices, they are chronological) that might narrow down the suspects list from

    Unteroffizier Paul Lindlein, Hilsmusiker IR 12 per 28/10/15 PN issue (actual dates = ??)

    Feldwebel Joseph Lindner, IR 13 4/12/15

    Feldwebel Otto M?ller, IR 19 29/3/16

    Hoboist Sergeant Otto Reisser, IR 21 27/5/16 (but probably got a Meck-Schwerin too)

    Vizefeldwebel Hermann Wolfram, RIR 21 5/7/16

    Vizewachtmeister Otto Schwars, FAR 5 14/7/16

    Vizefeldwebel Otto Kolb, IR 19 /5/9/16

    Unteroffizier Artur Br?ckner, 1 Ulanen Regt 5/9/16

    Sergeant Karl Schindler, "of an Armee Fernsprechabtailung" 16/9/16

    Obergefreiter Gustav Hertwig, Res Fussart Batterie 6 16/9/16

    Unteroffizier Max Lippoldt, Feldintendantur III Armeekorps 5/1/17

    were the only possible pre-1912 career NCOs on the list. I have no way of knowing who among these were killed, etc... or if there were a few late 1917 and 1918 recipients simply not listed after the 31.12.17 cutoff of non-Bavarian awards publications.

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    I'll need some time to go through the Milit?rp?sse I have, but from memory I am fairly certain that men who served as Hoboist either before the war, or when they joined a unit for active service, were either used as stretcher bearers or as regular soldiers. As such they were entitled to the same awards as any other soldier. I am trying to organise my documents in such a way that I can answer precisely this sort of question without having to leaf through hundreds of fragile booklets.

    Chris Boonzaier (MrBean) has an EK award document to Hoboist-Vizefeldwebel Rommel who served with the staff of Bayerisches Infanterie-Regiment 14.

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    Yes isn't he amazing...Mr Research! the depth of his knowledge on this topic is nothing short of freaky...lol! seriously tho, thanks Rick, for sharing and delving in the archives...makes this hobby so much more interesting and understandable.

    Keep up the good work!

    I wish i had a bar or two that was traceable...( i only have a 5 placer to a decorated gefreiter.and some other smaller combos)

    Hmmm.. maybe one day i will pick up a pearler somewhere! and the best part will be in the revealing of the history behind it... jumping.gif

    Cheers Gents,


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