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    Flags, Standards and Pennants of the HUPR

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    Soemthing we don't often see, other than in pictures, are flags and pennants flown at military installations, carried in parades or flown from ships. Yes Hungary has ships of the Danube Flotilla. In 1988 the Danube Flotilla, incorporated into the army in 1968, consisted of 700 men and eighty-two vessels, including ten Nestin MSI (riverine) boats. During wartime its chief functions would be to clear the Danube and Tisza rivers of mines and to assist the army and its materiel in river crossings. I'd like to start this thread by posting pictures of a pennant that is flown by all Hungarian Danube Flotilla craft during the HUPR. It is triangular in shape and measures 54cm (21 3/4") by 77 1/2cm (30 1/2"). It is a two sided pennant with two complete flags sewn together. The HUPR crest in the centre consists of sections of cloth sewn together as well is high quality machine embroidery. The diamond shaped sections around the outside of the pennant indicate a military pennant.



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