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This one dropped in today-First position the 1871 campaign medal with the clasps "An der Lisaine","W?rth"und "Strassburg",the the "Felddienst-Auszeichnung"(missing),the 1897 medal and at the last position? should be a long service award...but which?

there are no traces of a clasp,and for a medal it's the wrong ribbon...


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Hello Motorhead:

I am guessing that this fellow had the 2nd Class Landwehr decoration. Since there is a hook on the back, it had to be one of the "fancy" enamelled types with the ring suspension. Too bad that it is gone :(

I really like this group. The bars are really nice (and real!). These troops under v. Werder really did a lot of hard fighting.

Best regards,


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