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    Bulgar Narodna Svoboda

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    I have just had a delivery of 2 cased Bulgar National Liberty Orders with one document. My problem is knowing which one the document belongs to, as none are numbered.

    The first is a 1st type screwback; the second is a 2nd type ribbon hung.

    The document is dated 1959, therefore ,the document will belong to whichever type was being awarded in that year.

    I also got a 3rd type ribbon hung, but that is not cased!

    Pictures will follow when i have some free time to get them taken. I have gotten a new digital camera as a gift for being a devoted ,full time care worker!!! Trouble is, finding time to use it!

    Bis Bald! :cheeky:

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    Order of peoples Liberty

    I think that if is was awarded in 1959 it should be type II , the one hanged from a hanger like soviet ones.

    The first type screwback was issued in 1945 and I think they must have changed to hanger around early 1950?

    Someone have better info?


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    I guess it is somtimes called People's Liberty, but the direct translation is National (Narodna) Freedom/Liberty (Svoboda). I am sure any bulgars will correct me if i am mistaken. I learnt Russian, but it is more or less the same as Bulgarian!

    Mine are all 2nd class; & very much some of my favourites, with the 9th Septembers.

    Scans will be done as soon as i have managed to get some free time to use my new digital camera, I look after my disabled ma 24/7, so i virtually have no time to spare except when she is bed!

    Soon, ALL my little treausures will be scanned for your enjoyment!

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    OOPS! I just checked my dictionary; Narodna can mean either Nation or national, or it can mean People, as in the German 'volk'! I see that both of us are correct.

    A good example is the Narodna Banka Bulgaria - This can be either National or peoples' bank of Bulgaria. Language can be confusing if it isn't thoroughly reasearched!

    Look at the Russian Combat Service/ Military Merit merdal for a good example. :banger:

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