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    Ebay, Canadian Airborne.

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    I have known this vendor for several years. He has had one of the best 1 Cdn Para Bn collections, ever. For a good reference on the insignia and uniforms of this unit check out "Into The Maelstrom" from Service Publications - www.servicepub.com/maelstrom.htm

    Standard disclaimer does NOT apply as I am the publisher of this book and will benefit.

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    Thanks, I'm gonna haveto pick that book up.

    Two of the best books on Canadian Airborne Insignia are as follows:

    The Badges and Insignia of the Canadian Airborne Forces by Major Louis E. Grimshaw, published in 1981

    Canadian Airborne Insignia 1942 - Present by Thomas Clark and Harry Pugh, published in 1994, ISBN No. 0-9633231-3-X

    Hope this helps.


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    Richard is spot on those books are great.

    The badges are correct authorized 8 April 1943. Parachute Training School Shilo. They are dark green melton cloth with white lettering. 2 varieties, one slightly shorter lettering. The Titles changed along with the location (Wiltshire, UK) the following year.

    A rare pair of titles (I presume without inspection to be genuine) on a rare BD but still $15,000! thats steep.

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    Thye were adopted after training in the US and were changed after arriving in England ,From the Veterans I knew they were not amused with the name.

    Here is a pic off the NA of Canada

    SJT Stahlt C company

    Nice to see you here Clive,



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