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    1st U boat Flotilla Hat Badges

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    when i opened Galien David's site tonite, the opening page had a pic of a 1st U Boat Flotilla Hat Badge. i did a bit of research,and found they were in Brest France in 1944.

    My Grandfather was in the 29th,and was in Brest in 1944 as well. he took many naval prisoners,and amoung the items he brought back were several of these badges. he gave me two of them 30 years ago,shortly before he died. i have always loved the colour,design and enamel of these badges,and had no idea of thier rairity




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    Very nice badges!!!


    Do you have the regiment of your grandfather in the 29th division?


    Ben from Lorient

    thanx ben!

    i'm not certain of his regiment, as my uncle has his paperwork.

    i recall him telling me he had originally been in Costal Artillery in the Panama Canal zone and later transferred in to the Military Police,and the 29th div

    here is a picture of him during the war, he was one tough SOB


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