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  1. Hi I just add this one to my collect. What the name of the manufacter? Is it an original silver one? This badge belonged to Erwin Scheufler, a U-463 and U-230 crew member. More about the grouping here: http://atlantikpirat...topic.php?t=272 Regards Ben
  2. :beer: Very nice items, i like all these kind of u-boat relics. The dive alarm is wonderful, i remember to bid on it several month ago!!! Regards Ben
  3. :blush: My Dream!!! Wonderful collect. Regards Ben from Cherbourg.
  4. :rolleyes: Very nice item, i tried to buy it!!! But too late!!! I think it's a gift for a member of the 9 U-Flottille Staff in Brest. IMO This kind of item was made by the Kreigsmarinewerft workers. Regards Ben
  5. :cheers: Hi Gordon Thanks a lot for info. Regards Ben from Cherbourg
  6. :whistle: I would like to know the maker of this u-boat badge. My 'Torpedo los" book is with a friend!!! Regards Ben
  7. :D I was in the U-Boote Archivs last month, i found the following emblem in the museum. The mystery seems solved, this emblem is a unknown emblem from the U-105. The U-105 was a Lorient U-boot. Regards Ben
  8. Hi Eric Yes, i have several tiles from the same place!!! It's the only one without any info!!! Regards Ben
  9. :rolleyes: I have this french ceramic Henriot Quimper tile in my collect. I would have help about this emblem. IMO, it's not a u-boat emblem, perharps a Kriegsmarinewerft emblem or something else!!! Regards Ben
  10. Hi To share with all of you, pics from the Karl Heyne family. I met the Heyne daughter two months ago. Now i am sure that Karl was the LI of the U59 and the U557. "U-Boat" Preston My display with the cap: Regards Ben
  11. Hi The cap is a good typical french made one. For the emblem, it's quite impossible to say if a ww2 or a post ww2 one. Regards Ben
  12. :rolleyes: I succeed to find Heyne family members, they will send me pics from Karl. They sold the cap to an auction few years ago in Munich. They explain me that there is a good pic of Karl Heyne in the Anthony Preston Book "u-boat". In the middle of the page 130, there is a pic with Kmdt Paulsen, in facts, it's the LI Karl Heyne!!! I don't have the book (i plan to buy it!!!), it would marvellous if someone could be make a good scan and send the pics here. Regards Ben
  13. :rolleyes: To share with all of you, my last two Bacqueville badges. I succeed to have these two badges with the son of a maritim constable who was in Paris in december 44. Here the story from the son in english and French. "Both badges were discovered in December 1944 in the basement of the Staff of the Navy, 1 rue Royale in Paris by my father, the maritime constable ***** Albert, number **** B 37. Assigned as of December 11th 1944 from the Mediterranean area (Port of Marseilles) to the Atlantic sector, the constable ***** Albert is designated to integrate the Department of Marine b
  14. :beer: Hi Gordon Thanks a lot for information. All the elements, that I have, suggest that this cap really belonged to Li of U557. Regards Ben
  15. :D To share with all of you, pics from my last purchase, it's a nice Junior Officer grade visor cap. IMO, there is no problem with this one. It's a removable top one. In this cap, there is a name Karl Heyne. IMO, this cap could be belonged to the U557 LI, there is an only Karl Heyne on the U-boatwaffe site: http://www.ubootwaff...y=1;boatnum=557 On the Volksbund site, there are Several "Karl Heyne" but only one kriegsmarine officer, the Karl Heyne from the U557. The U557 was lost in December 1941 with all his crew. http://uboat.net/boats/u557.htm I don't have the list o
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