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    EM Judicial or Vet Shoulder boards

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    Those are very interesting... They look more bright red than carmine, but still a weird shade. I do know that carmine is a tough color to capture on a photo/scan. Can you please make some closer scans of the piping?

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    Here you are Paul. Compared to a Flak pair I have they are a very dark red and IMO a differnet color.

    The colors do look really close.

    If it is a set of the ever so illusive Veterinary EM/NCOs, I would expect to see a carmine color as seen with the General Staff officer. Now members of the Luftwaffe Judicial Corps were given the status of "Officials" and wore the LW Admin Official Style of insignia. According to my references, there were NCO level Officials. In 1944, when the TSD Judicial Branch was established, this was open only to Officers.(TSD Judicial Officers wore the standard style of LW collar tabs and shoulder boards with a wine red waffenfarbe).

    I do see a difference between the two shoulder straps. IT could be something completely unreferenced, but it could also be a strange variation in the dye. I would definitely keep them, but I would have in the back of my mind the possibility of them being Flak.

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