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    Fallschirmsch?tzenabzeichen by ?G.H Osang ? Dresden?

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    Finding an original by this maker is becoming increasingly more difficult. I?ve been asked on many occasions to authenticate badges that are supposedly by ?Osang? and nine times out of ten they turn out to be fake? so I thought a look at what I consider to be a classic Fallschirmsch?tzenabzeichen by ?G.H Osang ? Dresden? would be helpful.

    To this end?

    Made of zinc with plated wreath... the obverse.

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    Eric, welcome home! :beer: I trust the season went well?

    Superb gilding on your early example. I?ll have to get the pot of gold paint out and have a go at refinishing my eagle. :rolleyes:

    Thanks J, and yes, another banner year I'm proud to say! Yeah, this is one, if not the best, eagles I've personally come across on an Osang Para. I've had this badge a very long time and would be hard pressed to find another like it, especially now adays! Jeeeze, where have all the Para Badges gone? - good ones that is :unsure: (Cheers Rich!)


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