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    Poliziepr?sident M?nchen?

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    Just got a award cert for a Honorcross Fighter issued in Munich february? 1935

    and signed by who???

    I know that Heinrich Himmler was Police president in 1933 but who had the job in 1935? Anyone?

    I have been searching the net but not found anything yet looks like ??hafen something?


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    Guest Rick Research

    Von Oelhafen (1886-1952) was then a Polizei-Oberstleutnant. He ended the wars as Polizei-Generalleutnant and SS Gruppenf?hrer. He was NOT the Polizei President-- this is signed "i.V." as his authorized deputy "in Vertretung."

    Same signature on my Hindenburg Cross X document to Regierungsrat Lautenschlager in the Hindenburg Cross Types & Paperwork thread.

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    Thanks Naxos and Rick!

    I wondered what the scratches was = i V You learn something every day :cheeky:

    Does anyone know what happened to Otto von after the war, I could only find his death year 1952 on the net?

    Did he end up in prison or?


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