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    Ludwig August Treusch von Buttlar-Brandenfels

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    I am looking for career info on the officer mentioned above. He went from kurhessian in prussian service after the dissolving of the first in 1866 and was de-aktiviert als prussian Generallieutenant in 1871.

    Problem is, I cannot seem to find him in Priesdorf (which has an online index here: www.grosser-generalstab.de)

    Would there be a possible source I could use, most preferably including his pre 1866 career aswell? (I am also always looking for nice pictures :rolleyes: )

    Thanks in advance



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    Hi David,

    born 1804, died 1872, GM 16.10.1866, character as GL 28.02.1871 - more I do not have.

    He might be in the Kleist or in the Biblio series "Generale der Deutschen Mittelstaaten"

    Best regards


    Hi Daniel

    I dont know Kleist, what are the full bibliographical data? I have him in Schr?der, but I find the dta by Schr?der to be incomplete and inaccurate. At least as far as the kurhessian Generals go. Thanks for the date though!



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