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  1. Yeah. Most of them were like Heinrich and Louis tho....unverheiratet. So we are just with a few of us now We might even be related 😅
  2. Yeah I get that. But as 1812 ouverture has such a wide collection I tried my luck. Heinrich is from another branch of my Kassel originating family. My interest in phaleristics is a consequence of my genealogical hobby now over 25 years ago.
  3. You wouldnt happen to have a photo of one Heinrich Müldner who was in Tsingtao at the time of WW1? Data below frok Tsingtao.info
  4. Thats the one! Would you happen to have a photo of it not being partly covered? I think its seriously one of the most beautiful medals. Was it for the 2nd marriage to Eleonore?
  5. Hi I am looking for a picture of what I remember as being a hessian marriage medal.of Ernst Ludwig. Its roughly diamond shaped, topped by a crown? Wanted to show a friend but can find what I mean
  6. Very true that it would take some time. I spent my hours commuting to browse in some of the ernestine duchies and the sachson kingdom in the years you describe in your first post and then looked up some of the names which came close on the internet for resemblance. No luck. The pictured person at first glance reminds me of the ultimate savoyan first minister before the war of italian unification. Can not remember his name tho. His collar could be a hint. Wouldnt it be usefull if there was a book on german collar embroidery of the various states in the 19th century. If only I had time 😊
  7. Try the royal sachson staatshandücher to be found here http://wiki-de.genealogy.net/Staatshandbuch#Sachsen.2C_K.C3.B6nigreich_.281806-1918.29 Probably the best thing to do is make a list of the scvo2b and the seho2b and cross-reference. Secondly you might be able to check with a belgian member for the BLGL3
  8. Browsing through the Adelslexicon as I love to do, I found the name of a Leibarzt of the Kaiser: v. Ilberg. And I was wondering about his ODM and a possible picture?
  9. I have the second one in my lists as well. As I recall correctly his name starts with D. He received a kurhessian decoration, probably chwo4 or 3
  10. Yeah I got those as well (posted them both here earlier) both pictures of the same guy. Left is wartime, right post war. For the confirmation of the left one look at the wartime photos in this thread
  11. Hi Komthur! I wpuld like to know if tge 1918 STB also gives details about a Müldner who was Gen. Bevollm. In the Ukraine at the time. Or maybe his you ger brother tge ADC to the prussian CP. Just wondering if they are in it....thanks
  12. Dont think he is russian either. This was just one if the few I could find in the STBs of both states being decorated the same year with both orders shown. Interesting to see if you go through these lists that Hannover and HD did not decorate each others nationals hardly at all
  13. Curious to know who could be on the photo with this combination From what I can see in the lists on the HG3 in the hannoverian STB's he cannot be a HD native, because there are hardly any awards of the HG to hessians. Nor is there are hanoverian native in the list of the GHVP2b in 1866. 1851 there was a kaiserl. Russ. Staatsrath Dr Auvert who got a HG3 and a GHVP2b in the same year
  14. Saw it before but cannpt recall where. Cant it be for a domkapitualr cross? Or the Limburg order? You could also take the 1860s STB and just look up images of the foreign (i.e. non hanoverian) orders mentioned
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