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  1. The ennobled ancestor of this particular Buch family was Gustav Buch, GM and GA of the Duke of Sachsen-meiningen-hildburghausen. He was awarded a grade of the churhessian order of Wilhelm. Have to look it up when I get home.
  2. Maybe he was not ennobled because he served in the artillery? Are there any statistics on ennobled Generals related to the branch of their service?
  3. Cant really make out if the X on 3 are swords or sables. So it could either be Reuss or Ottoman
  4. Thanks for.your reply! Probably because the officer is missing the AdC tassels?
  5. Hi ! I was wondering who this guy is next to Prinz Joachim v. Preussen? Thanks for your help
  6. Apart from it being a fake (I dont know the first thing about that) I was just wondering economically, how profitable is it to produce such fakes. What the profit a faker makes. Or more precise: what are the productioncosts compared to a genuine piece?
  7. Signed by the Cte de Hoene and the Commandeur of the Jäger, Müldner.
  8. Why would he have gotten an OLO3? Wouldnt a OEK3 make more sense because of the hierarchy of k.u.k. ODM?(I thought the OLO was higher in rank)
  9. Yeah I know, right? I diD some research in the STB of the various ernestine duchies of basically the 3rd quarter of the 19th century and never stumbled upon a case like this.
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