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    What happened when....

    Chris Boonzaier

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    A guy who had the colonial medal was still serving and recieved a medal Outre Mer with a bar or two?

    1) Did he wear both ? (I dont think so as the colonial and Outre Mer are basically the same medal, just 2 versions

    2) Did he add the Outre Mer bars to his colonial?

    3) Did he change his colonial for an outre mer and put all the bars on that?



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    Good question Chris

    The answer is PROBABLY that he would wear the new clasp(s) on the ribbon of his M?daille coloniale. The M?daille d'Outre-Mer is NOT a different award. It replaced the previous medal since its name was had lost its significance (no mone Colonies). I know of no instance of anyone wearing two ribbons side by side. Would simply not make sense.

    One has to find now a M?daille coloniale with both bars INDOCHINE and EXTREME-ORIENT, for instance. I believe the last clasp to the M?daille coloniale was MADAGASCAR.

    Let's see what other opinions crop up.



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    Hello !

    I give you this adress about french colonial's medal and "Outre-Mer" medal (it's the same article):


    Maybe you don't know it...

    It's an excellent web site about french decorations and orders, but in french... :blush: But, you will find a lot of informations !



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    I saw a Outre mer with Tchad and Madagascar bars.

    He must have just have bought one for wear and not really taken note.



    Bonjour Jean Baptiste & Chris

    Thank you for the very useful thread to the French site, which is indeed one of the best. It confirms the fact that the M?daille d'Outre-Mer received its first clasp with THAD, in the 1970s.

    The medal Chris mentions is quite possible; the man would have been in the forces for a little over 20 years, nothing special. If he first had a M?daille coloniale for MADAGASCAR with its clas, and lost it, after the M?daille coloniale was replaced, he then would have received or bought the M?daille d'Outre-Mer since it was available, and the same award in many ways. Your observation clicks quite well with the case I reported in my first answer.

    In other words, all kinds of combinations were technically possible with the late clasps of the Coloniale and early clasps of the M?daille d'Outre-Mer.

    The only instance which I would consider improbable would be simultaneous wear of two medals or ribbons.

    Best regards


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