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"Ye" series Orders Book for the Lenin is only the second I have seen! To Vasily Yefimovich Dzhurilo, #380,204 on 20 December 1966 with Book issued 27 January 1967.

Lenins were slowing down by then-- there had been 22,000 since March of '66 to this one, but only 11,000 more by April 1971.

Next Book to Anatoly Yevmenovich Batsenko. Oct Rev 63,987 on 8 December 1973 ("Z" series Book filled out 9 January 1974, which is LATE for one of these), ORBL 859,917 8 may 1976, Badge of Honor 1,144,887 24 December 1977, and OFPs 58,174 19 April 1989. This is pretty much the "kitchen sink" for civil awards-- and don't I wish such recipienst COULD be traced!

Photo booklet is amazing-- it was issued with privileges to begin 1 December 1943 ON 26 November 1943-- making that the ONLY Orders Book issued in 1943 I have seen! What YEAR is on the inside back cover/last page for Gosnak Printing series?

Vasily Alekseevich Abramov (no unit details visible as scanned from gimnastyorka and what look like field boards-- also very early in wear!) so 1st ORS was obviously awarded in November 1943 for something. MMM a 1944 probably 10 years, second Red Star 1946/47 probably 15 years service, and a Red banner 1950-52, probably latter and 20 years long service. If you were going to get ONE traced, I'd say do the FIRST Red Star.

1938 with no date filled in #35,854 is Engineer 3rd Rank Petr Grigorievich and either Amikev or Aminev. The resolutions are just that bit too fuzzy for me. Bring that 1938 to Lowell (when MRS Reck lets you go) and will try a live decipherment of the non-Russian stamp. I can't tell if it is Central Asian or Baltic from the parts visible:


All I am getting is the inner Russian line showing "military" and "District." I am not recognizing the language of the Roman alphabet bits, so whether Lithuanian or Azerbaijani, I dunno.

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Thank you Rick, for sharing some of your expertice with these books and orders. I do have a couple of questions. Why cant Anatoly Yevmenovich Batsenko with all of his civil orders be traced? By the way you write, it sounds like I would not get anywhere with it?

I will look at the date of printing for the 1943 book tomorrow. Why are the 1943 books so seemingly rare?

How much does it cost to get an order traced?

Thanks again Rick!!

Warm regards


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The Army archive is open for research, as is or was the naval one-- I've never had a naval group to research (though I have a naval aviation officer group) so don't know what they might have.

There isn't any civil awards archive that I'm aware of, though you'd expect there to have been a central registry to keep track of the millions of decorations handed out.

Cost depends on who you have do it and what you have done.

The ESSENTIALS are to ask for

1) the "Award Record Card." This is the ONLY paperwork tha lists decorations by serial number and date, and so is the sole confirmation that all numbered awards do in fact belong in a legitimate original group

2) an award citation. That with the ARC gives basic personal information on the recipient, and some people stop there.

I advise (since who knows when the gates may slam shut again) ALSO asking for the

3) personnel record. that gives full career "day to day" information and if lucky, a usable photo of the recipient if there isn't one in the Orders Book.

There are many many OTHER things in the records, at least for officers, but those only seem to ever get copied for big expensive 5-6 figure groups. EVERYBODY had evaluations, autobiographies, et cetera, but we never get those back in research. Check out the researched groups subforum for the sort of random "average" results that come back.

I have seen a couple of Orders Books listed from 1942, but until the war ended, mostly what were handed out were the Temporary Certificates seen here:


These were REPLACED by Orders Books when those were issued, and ARCs will often show BOTH sets of paperwork, with serial numbers of Certificate or Book.

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