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    Can anyone with access to a copy of Bayerns Goldenes Ehrenbuch or Virtuti Pro Patria check these and give me their first/given names?

    ____ Ritter von Dreher - IR3

    ____ Ritter von Bengl - IR10

    ____ Ritter von Finsterlin - IR4

    ____ Ritter von Goß - IR20

    ____ Ritter von Schramm - IR4

    ____ Ritter von Maußner - 2.FußAR, 6.FußAR

    ____ Ritter von Müller - 1.PBtl

    ____ Ritter von Mußbach - RIR12

    ____ Ritter von Narr - 8.FAR

    ____ Ritter von Nerz - 8.FAR

    ____ Ritter von Neubert - JBtl1

    ____ Ritter von Rudolph (supposedly stricken from the MMJO roles in 1926)

    ____ Ritter von Sailer - IR21

    Thanks in advance!

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    Thanks everyone.

    Oddly, I already had Narr. He is Gottfried Ritter von Narr. He was a Leutnant with 8. Feldartillerie-Regiment Prinz Heinrich von Preußen, assigned to Kampffl.Sch. OHL I, and killed in action on 18 October 1917 at Valenciennes. He is buried in Frasnoy (Nord) cemetery. He was born on 31 March 1893 in Würzburg.

    Given all of O'Connor's work, it's odd that not only could an MMJO Knight disappear into the woodwork, but that an aviator MMJO Knight could.

    If he is not on your list, I see three possibilities: (i) the lists are incomplete, (ii) he was stricken from the rolls or (iii) the Ehren-Rangliste incorrectly lists him as "Ritter von".

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    Guest Rick Research

    Gottfried Narr was most assuredly NOT an MMJO recipient-- in neither the "Virtuti Pro Patria" nor in the published roll.

    In April 1916 (page 127) he was plain old Gottfried Narr, holding MVO4X and EK2.

    It's simply a proofreading error in the Honor Rank List-- and part of what makes research a matter of checking, rechecking, and verifying. There are some hideous errors in Weimar Rank Lists, for instance-- one of which cost me an ID for 15 years because I checked 1926 and NOT also 1931.

    They goofed just like anybody else.

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