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    Hi all,

    Though not military just wanted to share my latest. Kim and I went to our towns annual gun show a few weeks ago and although I saw a Bersa we liked (.22 for plinking and she likes Bersa's) I decided to come home that night and research it before we jumped. She'd offered to get it for me but again I wanted to make sure about it. While checking them out I accidently came across a reference to this:


    That's just a brief article as there's a good bit more info out on the web on these. Anyhow I checked out the Olympic Arms site:


    and fell in love. :love: I think it's got a great space age design even now. As you can see they've added the vent rib and also offer in their accessories an additional site and a holster (will have to go for those at some point) and wood grips and flash suppressor (which I ordered with mine).

    Anyhow I went to my local gun store which happens to be right next to one of the places I work and ordered it that Monday right after the gun show (although they didn't actually put the order in till Tuesday). I have to say that according to the owner of the gun shop all his suppliers he deals with ship via UPS or a similar carrier and either overnight or two day everything. Olympic Arms apparently told him when he ordered it that it would go right out. We waited. Nothing for several days. Finally he called and they said they only ship on Fridays so it would go out then... via USPS ie: the U.S. Snail! Arrrrrrgh! More waiting... pace, pace, pace. Then he called again only to find out they'd still not shipped it but it was going out early this week. Yet more waiting. Sigh. Well, here it is Saturday and it finally arrived. So I ran over, did the paperwork for transfer, they ran the check and it's now all mine. :jumping::jumping:

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    The photos from the Olympic Arms site:

    With standard grips:

    With standard grips and flash suppressor:

    And with the wood grips and flash suppressor:

    It comes in the case with gun lock and key, manual, etc.

    Needless to say I love it. It's very light weight, a natural pointer like the Luger and I cannot wait to take her up and run some rounds through her. I only wish Olympic Arms had moved quicker as far as shipping and I hope they're better at the rest of the customer service. I'll have to see when I order the other accessories.

    One of these days I'll have to try to locate and purchase one of the originals for comparison. :beer:

    Dan :cheers:

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