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    Unknown Stickpins

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    Hi Sivart,

    (West) German civil awards for proven motorists, for 10, 20, 25, 30, 40 or 50 years without road accident.


    On the right pin: 50 Jahre bew(?hrter) Kraftfahrer, 50 years proven motorist.

    The needle is not in the correct angle.

    The left pin is for 40 years.

    Awarded with a document.

    But, you must ask for it and you must pay for it!

    "Sicherheit im Stra?enverkehr" "Security in the Traffic"



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    I suspected that something was wrong with the 50 year pin because the cross was positioned as an X. Are these kinds of pins commonly worn by safe motorists throughout Deutchland, or is there some specific reason one would go to the trouble of proving their good driving record ( I am assuming that they would have to somehow prove their safe record ), then order and pay for this pin and its accompanying order?? Is there some kind of benefit for motorists who have this item?? Thanks for the fast reply and info speedytop, I couldn't find anything about these!!

    Sivart :cheers:

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    Thats too bad Uwe, I kind of hoped I could wear it while I drive around and it might get me out of a ticket with the Polizei or something (or at least a discount, the wife is killing me with that photo radar! :banger: ) Of course, I may have had a hard time explaining either the 40 or 50 year award.............still fall a few years short on that one. :cheers:

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