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    French Berthier model 1907-15


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    One of my newest acquisitions is this french Berthier model 1907-15.

    This beautiful and very long rifle, over 1,30 m, has the french standart caliber 8 mm Lebel (8 x 50R) and can be loaded with 3-cartridge loading frames (like the Mannlicher or the obsolete german Gewehr 88). However it is, in my opinion, not the best rifle. It hasn't got a safety and to remove the bolt you have to remove a screw in the bolthead with a screwdriver. No comparision to a german Gewehr 98 with its perfect bolt system which can be removed in 1 second.

    This is a deactivated decoration rifle matching the german laws. For example the cartridge chamber is closed (welded).

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    Markings on the left side. The rifle model and the maker; the french arsenal of Continsouza. I think this is a rare maker for a Berthier. All guns I saw before were made in the arsenal at St. Etienne.

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    More technical data:

    Caliber: 8 x 50R Lebel

    Length: 1.306 m

    Barrel: 803 mm

    Weight: 3.81 kg

    Rifling: 4 grooves

    Magazine capacity: 3 rounds

    There is also a model 16 of this rifle. As far as I know the only difference is, that this model also accepts 5-Round loading frames.

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    I too bought a berthier and it's on the way. I just sent payment for it. Here is the auction link,


    I think mine is a latter version with the magazine extentsion. I am in the USA and no laws require we de mill our old rifles at least not yet.

    Can you tell me more about why some european nations have laws requiring such awful things be done to such old works of art and history?

    I don't undersatand why the ammo can't be banned instread.


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