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    Award document signatures (Henigst & Gerstung)

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    Hello everyone,

    Two new documents came my way yesterday. I now try to find a little bit more information regarding the signatures.

    It seems the first document is signed by Korvettenkapit?n Henigst, yet I am unsure if this is Hans Henigst who would later command the Adm. Hipper. If this would be the case, can someone please add the military career from Henigst? Also, I fail to understand that this torpedobootsflottille was formed in 1941, but this document was already signed in mid 1938:

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    The second document is a bit of the same story. The signature should be from the "Torpedoboot Wolf"-commander Lutz Gerstung. But I fail to understand that he was Flottillenchef in Okt. 1939. On top of that, I can't remember what the abbreviation i.V. stands for, could it be that he was replacing flottillenchef Waue (6. Torpedobootsflottille) for a short period?

    Finally, is it possible that a soldier from the Kriegsmarine was given this particular medal?

    There are several questions here, so thank you for reading and taking your time to give me a helping hand!

    Kind regards,


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    Guest Rick Research

    "i.V." indicates that the person signing is doing so on behalf of the normally authorized person.

    3rd Torpedo Boats Flotilla was already in existence in 1936.

    There was only one Henigst--

    Hans, born 20 December 1900, Crew 1918

    F?hnrich zS 1.4.22

    Lt zS 1.4.24

    Oberlt zS 1.1.26 #3

    KaptLt zS 1.7.33 # 7

    KorvKapt zS 1.4.37 #10

    FregKapt zS

    Kapit?n zS 1.9.42 #5

    He served in the 2nd Half Flotilla of TorpBt Flotilla 1 in 1924 and 1926. Was the Adjutant of the Baltic Naval Station in 1931. Artillery officer of the Cruiser Karlsruhe in 1936-37. Here was his assignment as of 1 November 1938 from the 1938 Kriegsmarine Rangliste:

    Lohmann/Hildebrand confirming:

    MANY naval personnel received the SUDETEN Anschluss Medal as "invited guests." They whined so about "only the army" getting the Medal for the AUSTRIAN Anschluss, that random personnel were assigned to Share The Glory.

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    Thank you for your valuable input, as it answers all my questions! The addition of the military career from Hans Henigst is very welcome.

    Also, the story about the Anschluss medal for Kriegsmarine units was new to me. And quite funny though ...

    Best regards,


    Ps: A search on the internet translated i.V. as In Vertretung

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