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    Hello Gentlemens !

    I have received this one today : Saxon honor cross, with swords.

    But ribbon is not good : to me, it?s the ribbon of Saxon Altenburg ?Tapferkeitsmedaille??

    Could this combination be possible (a recipient of these 2 awards ?), or is it a bad assemblage ??

    Thanks and best greetings !

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    Greetings. The ribbon on your cross could be used for a Saxon-Altenburg Bravery Medal, or a Saxon (Kingdom) Long Service Medal and/or cross. However, you will often see it used as a substitute for the correct ribbon.

    Here's an example of a stone-cold mint set with the correct ribbon shown. Note the size of all the stripes:

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    Final example, cased Saxon Officer's Long Service Cross.

    Is it 100% correct on your piece? No. BUT, depending on the price and your individual tastes, it did happen, even from the jeweler.... It will be very, very hard to find this ribbon...

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    Guest Rick Research

    We're not even close to beginning our Research Gnome labors on Saxony, attempting to re-construct the late Erhard Roth's work BUT

    that is a combination that should winnow down to a short list of suspects. It is another prime example of being more potentially "findable" because of what is NOT on there (a Saxon long service award for a career NCO) than what is. The Marinekorps Cross, being a vanity purchase piece, is a red herring as far as being a useful clue, alas. This man was a Reserve NCO-- and that is quite a foursome! :cheers:

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