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    Hi Paul,

    that's an interesting helmet......but more than 900$!! Never ever! And the decal on my dutch LS is much better :D T hanks for that link!


    No problem Micha


    I would love to see your entire LS collection posted! It is definately an under appreciated area! Do you have any tunics or insignia?

    All I have is a bevo breast "eagle"!


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    Here is an interesting captured LS helmet! I have never seen a Dutch Captured example!

    Warm regards



    I'd be very cautious with that particular LS helmet. Notice how all the tell-tale areas used for spotting a fake decal are missing...... You'd have to see it in hand before judging, but I personally wouldn't touch it.



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    You are absolutely right,Don. With interesting helmet I mean the dutch emblem-the most dutch LS helmets I've seen(including my own one) don't have it any more. Weitze has sold one with the dutch and the LS decal a while ago(a black one,350?...).This decal here is more than suspect......but I'm not in danger to get weak....I prefer helmets with good and complete decals-and the price is more than mad!I will post later some pics of my dutch LS.


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