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    Pakistan group of 7

    Brian Wolfe

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    Hello Everyone,

    Here is a group of medals I have just finished court mounting that comes with a story.

    My brother was in China for six months and offered to bring back some Chinese medals for me. I was advised that he would probably only find fakes and I should tell him to save his time and my money. I passed this along and he understood. While there he had the chance to purchase this group of Pakistan medal and thanks to his new wife, who will never pay the the asking price, he got them for around $2.50. He was told "all same" by the vendor when he asked about the medals. Did this mean that they all came from Pakistan or from the same soldier? Who knows. He purchased them thinking there were two sets. In fact they are one set, provided they belong together at all. I would not have purchased them myself but since it was a gift and one is named I decided to court mount them.

    The group is (or may be) named to:


    The group consists of:

    Tamgha-i-Diffa Medal with the Rann of Kutch clasp

    Istar-i-Herb 1385/1965 War Star (named)

    Istar-i-Herb 1971/War Star

    1385 Tamgha-i-Jang/1965 War Medal

    Tamgha-i-Jang/1971 War Medal

    Wiladat-i-Quaid-i-Azam Medal

    Hijri Medal

    I hope you like it as much as I do.

    Cheers :cheers:


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    Here's the back. Not much to look at unless you really like red.

    I don't feel too worried about this mount since it will stay with me for as long as I collect (the rest of my life) and never be on the market. When I am gone and the group passes along to another I can only hope it is truly an original group.

    Cheers :cheers: and thanks for taking a look.


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