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    with regard your pics being to big to up load very simply right click once the pic is open click on edit,this brings you to paint, go to image select stretch and skew and then resize your image as you want!(make sure you save it under a different file name though!) hope that helps! :beer:

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    so is it a GMMC them? I will try to get better pics ! is it a good one???

    Hello Scott:

    I saw this one too. Unfortunately, the photos on the website where this is offered do not allow for a 100% certainty that this is genuine. From the fuzzy photos, it looks OK. The poor quality photos however do not allow one to see the details that cause one to have no doubts.

    By the way, IF this is genuine, the price at which it is being offered is very attractive.

    Best regards,


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    well i think you only have about 100k upload limit at first and if the pic on your pc is larger you cant upload it so just follow the directions i gave you there and reduce it down and you should get sorted! :beer:

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