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    80 MM Heavy Mortar

    Brian Wolfe

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    Hello Everyone,

    Here are a couple of photos taken at the Canadian Military Heritage Museum in Brantford, Ontario, Canada, of an 80 MM Heavy Mortar. Once again I have tried to save myself some typing by including a photo of the display card write up.

    The different mortar rounds can be seen on the floor near the mortar's base.

    Many thanks to the musuem for allowing me to take these photos and others.

    Cheers :cheers:


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    Here's another view, this time showing the elevation device.

    In case you are wondering, the sand bag in the last photo has a sign on it that reads "PLEASE", what you may not be able to read is the rest of the message that asks you not to stand on the display(on the sand bag actually). There is a 25 pound artillery piece behind me as I took the photo. The only way to get a good shot would be to stand on the sand bag. I hope I will be allowed to bring in a ladder after hours and properly photograph their artillery pieces. The museum is PACKED with displays making the photographing of some of the larger items very difficult.

    I hope you enjoy my photos, if there is a heaven I hope it is like this museum (assuming I'm heading in that direction and not to :angry: )

    Cheers :cheers:


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