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need opinion about visor caps

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Hi, everybody; I saw these 2 caps (1 of modern russia, and the other soviet) in a online buying page, and I?m thinking on buying 1 or both of them, as novice, I?m not very informed about fakes or repros so decided to make a new topic

Any opinions are wellcome

cheers... :cheers:

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Notice the little 19(84) year of manufacture date inside the maker's star mark on the army cap. There is no year date on whatever the Federation one is, meaning it was never issued.


Since the late 1980's, the vast majority of issued caps do not have a date anymore.


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The red and greenish one is an Army officers parade hat, and looks just fine. The one with the tan top is new to me. Probably either modern Russian, or right after the fall of the USSR. The pin on top might be right, but I'd wager that the star on the band was just put there by a seller to fill the space. All the hats that I have, or have seen, have a larger cockade there. If the large pin on the crown belongs there, it definitely denotes post-Soviet use. The tan color might associate it with tropical (African, mid-east, etc.) service, and the black might relate it to armor or artillery use. I've just never seen the two colors together! Hope that helped a bit.


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thanks man; I?m checking it right now, very good page and learned some things about fakes, colors and post-1991 caps; if you like, I can send you a link with information about soviet medal (probably, you know that page already, but I will post it anyway, just in case other people see this) www.soviet-awards.com


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