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  1. Nick, I believe that you made a mistake here; your new example is, according to your excellent explanations, a type 3.1 Marc
  2. Darrell, Personally, I would not rush to buy this book, especially at that price It was published over 11 years ago, and by now is, IMHO, grossly outdated. Marc
  3. IMHO, it is quite simply a replica star on which someone struck some SN. Over the years lying around and being handled, it got some wear. Marc
  4. And to this day, no doubt, treasured Place du Colonel Fabien Your turn, Christophe! Marc
  5. Jim, That is, for one, because the wearer never wore this one... Marc
  6. Christophe, You already suggested Fran?ois Mitterand earlier; had he been the recipient, you'd already won this round... Marc
  7. Christophe, You are definitely on the right track here. It is indeed Lenin's chess board. Now, we need to find the actual recipient of this wunderbar gift Marc
  8. Doc, Nice one I just don't understand your reference to the AirForce; this is a straight Army dagger. The Airforce one has a different engraving on the scabbard. Marc
  9. Bob, That is an almost carbon copy of the Soviet M45 "Parad Pobedy" uniform. Marc
  10. OK guys, some hints: . We are indeed talking about chess . The owner of the chess artifact was a PROMINENT (note the emphasis) Soviet, but not as a chess player Marc
  11. Doc, I am a bit late, but nevertheless here goes: stay the hell away from these, they are BAD! Marc
  12. Dan, These boards were manufactured in 1987. I believe they are for a sergeant. Marc
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