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Junior Lieutenant Stolyarianko

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Citation. . .

This is what I have gleaned thus far, that Junior Lieutenant Stolyarianko was a tanker and graduated from the 2nd Charkow Tank School in October, 1942. He was a tank commander in the 30th Guards Tank Brigade at the age of 19.

On February, 12, 1943 during the offensive near the city of Puschkin, Leningrad area, he was heavily wounded in the lower thigh. He spent time in the hospital, after which he was honorably discharged on October 20, 1943 when he was 20.

What else can the Russian speaking members of our Forum fill in for us?

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Handwriting appallling. Citation contrast too washed out. This is NOT a good eye strain day for me.

This is the 3rd 7 May 1970 delayed Red Star for wounds we've seen, so I guess we can notch this date as for those en masse. :beer:

Aleksandr Moiseevich Stolyarenko was born 13 April 1923 in the village of Popovka, Konotopskogo Raion Sumsky Oblast. School to 9th class in 1939.

Junior Lieutenant 3.10.42

Lieutenant 3.5.72

At the Leningrad front 10.12.43-13.2.43

Wife Ol'ga Petrovna born 1927, son Anatoly born 1955.

The Awards Record Card and military records have different (but equally sloppy) entries I am having trouble deciphering-- in 1970 he was a Russian language teacher at the 8th (Something) school.

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