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thank you for your insight, dan :cheers:

i thought the traditionsabzeichen were of a different size (smaller) and exclusively made of silver. could this be a 2nd issue piece for everyday wear?

or are the smaller pieces the 2nd issue pieces-with this being the original type?

sorry for my questions--am primarily focused on imperial stuff and do not have much in the way of reference for 3rd reich. any help at all it greatly appreciated!

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This is most likely an award piece - - - altho I do have a silver example which is clearly marked .800 in my collection and several larger versions made from what I would call "pot metal" The day badge is also a well made piece of the same design but is dated 19 35

Considerable debate surrounds this badge - - but in my opinion this a the honour or tradtions badge.

Hope this is helpful. Also trawl thru WARLORD "My Collection" topic (I think) he has much of great interest to say about these badges and provides various pictures and evidence.

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I like the badge you show although I prefer the silver version-mine is marked "935".


Are you sure that your's is marked "800"? - I've not seen that silver content on one of these before.

Here's my badge. It's approx 41mm long.


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There are two different designs of this award. One like Stans with silver mark .935 and a second that is unmarked. The sword blad on the later has a raised fuller. The pin on the reverse has a C hook. The gold grade is as the former, but unmarked.

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The badge that started this thread is a post war reproduction made by R. Souval of Vienna. Same with Ailsby's badge on the left.

There was only one design of Gau Essen Honor Badge-  that is the one shown by Stan as well as in the pic two posts above this one, on the right.

They were struck in 935 silver as well as 585 gold. Same detail, same tooling, same size.

It has been said that the gold version has been awarded 5 times only but tried as I did, I could not find any period sources confirming this (by sources I don't mean Klietmann). That said, both silver and gold badges existed and at least some have survived.

The aluminum produced pins of similar design are of course festival tinnies and the only thing they have in common with Essen Honor Awards is the fact they were introduced on the same date, during the same event.


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Here's one of such badges marked L/58.

Screen Shot 2015-11-21 at 2.37.03 PM copy.png

Here's one of the accepted type but of dubious pedigree in what's purported to be 800 silver.

essen800b copy.jpg

essen800c copy.jpg

And a very rare, presentation tinnie of the Gautag festivities in 800 by F. Hoffstaetter.

Current whereabouts of the last three badges pictured are unknown to me.

eithel-friedrich kentrat1 copy.jpg

eithel-friedrich kentrat copy.jpg

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