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  1. I have been offered this fantastic bronze bust which is in excellent + condition. The question is, is it period made or a repro? Please let me have your thoughts! Thanks. Stan
  2. This is my 2nd Class Cross which started life as a 1934-37 Cross and had a TR eagle device superimposed. I like the way it has a stud fastener, presumably for a nurse's uniform. Also that it is enamelled both sides.
  3. Wow John, that's a great looking medal. I really like these Red Cross medals and have a nice mounted one myself.
  4. Great badge John. I never realised before how nice these badges really are and now I want one! Stan
  5. I was given this badge by an old school friend back in the early 1970's and it belonged to his Dad who as a British major in WWII. Sadly, my pal recently passed away and am giving it back to his son. Can someone please inform me where this Crown Insignia would have been worn? Was it on epaulettes for example? Many thanks. Stan
  6. Thanks John. It was posted on another forum by a German collector who had just bought it. I contacted him and a deal was done. The great thing is the condition of everything which, except for the Ost medal, is virtually mint and has not seen daylight for almost 70 years. Stan
  7. I upgraded my nice 2nd pattern Deumer for this J2 Para badge last month. It came as part of a "Kreta" group and the recipient (a medic) has nicely engraved his details on the reverse. Stan
  8. It is now six years since I first posted my Retired Pilot's badge which is now widely accepted as the early J1. I saw another J1 on another forum this week and spotted something significant about them, that is that there are scratch marks around the eagle's neck on genuine J1's which are absent on the fakes. I am attaching some photos to better explain where this flaw occurs.
  9. Yes, definitely the same Ehrenpreis as it has the same marks on the side of the wooden base. I bought it from a auction from Andreas Thies approx 4years ago.
  10. I have no idea who it was awarded to as the plate is missing but according to Alex there were only 8 or 10 of these Ehrenpreise awarded to pilots for sinking ships. It rather looks as if my piece was formerly in the collection of Luftmensch (the Ehrenpreis in the centre of his photo). Regards, Stan
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