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The #30 wound badge

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Many wound badge collectors like to add the #30 to their collection.

They are nice badges that range from tombak to the zincers.

The flat or wide pin are the types most would like to pick up. A marked 30

That is not seen as much as the unmarked type is the black marked 30.

Nice for any 30 collection


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I just had a though, do you remember some time ago some of us were chatting about 30's and I said I was of the notion these thin rounded pin sorts were earlier. Not, that I can back it up in any informed way, I'm pretty clueless on these things if honest :lol:

But regarding the black one being brass and assumed earlier, and it having a thin pin could the thought of the thin pin solids hold water do you think ?



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Good day Marcus

In the black class the brass type were first then the steel.I was wondering if any

of the steel type are marked with the 30.What material is yours Ronny?Now to

the solid 30.As far as I know the flat pins or wide pins were first then the round

type.I am not a expert and this just what I have picked up on the forums


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