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    collect ww1 and ww2 German medals<br /> Main study is wound badges and collecting medal bars.<br /> I am a machine operator in the nuclear field.

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  1. One more. This one was almost a denazi....Someone changed their mind
  2. If you bought that badge with little research, you lucked out. Buying anything from a dealer or well known one like Mr. Nieman is not a 100%. Another note to the new collector. Do your homework. Try also to keep to the well-known makers. Another thing I see a lot with new collectors, They want that gold wound badge. You better do your homework. I just saw someone get burnt on an auction for $340.He bought the famous Gold l/14 fake wide pins. I have over 80 wound badges in my collection, with only two golds. New collectors should keep away from the 1918 navy, any gold l/14 and any 1936 Screw backs. If you are going to buy one I listed,get help.I would not even buy a 1918 navy without another opinion. don
  3. Note to the new collector....This is one of the most deadlest wound badges to go after. Lots of fakes, repros and re issued badges out there. Great care must be taken in search of a period badge. don
  4. Anyways....I had heard about the Stalingrad ground dugs a while back.Also have heard about other bakelite or plastic types....I think I saw one marked 30.Since I have a large collection of wound badges I wanted to see one and add to the collection.The collector who found them offered me one ........Is it real?No idea....It looks like a 1939 first type....Hs good detail....Remains of pin can been seen on back....Also looks like it has been in the ground a long time. don
  5. On the back there is the remains of two iron or steel pins.Not sure if just one and attacked on two places on badge.Front has good detail and looks like a 1939 first type.Badge does look like it has been in the ground.But that does not mean anything.If other members have info,please post. Thanks don
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