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Lion Eyes-- Blue ?

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Yes, I have often seen a lion's head eyes hilt with red eyes and occassionally the naval

red and green (port and starboard) !!

BUT has anyone seen both eyes as BLUE :speechless1: ???????

If so please comment!!

Many thanks,


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Its an artillery presentation sword.

Langet has crossed cannons.

The blade is decorated with foral and military stuff.

The blade is also marked as "s/l" from one officer to another. !. Posensches Feld - Artillerie - Regiment Nr 20 with 1896 date.


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I wonder....

if the red eyes were damaged or fell out somewhere along time's dusty travels... and SOMEBODY put in blue ones who had no idea what was normal for German swords?

I can't tell if the eyelids look like the stones have been repaired after manufacture, from the scan.

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Exactly, Rick! I think that it is MOST LIKELY a period performed item.

I think that it is an interesting piece and would love to see the rest of it.

After all, I would assume that "gems" that size are not a standard. They seem as if they were made for the sword as they fit in very nicely.

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