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    Guest Rick Research

    That's the usual Hungarian WW1 Commemorative Medal with the horizontal green stripes faded away. That color was hard to dye fast.

    Looks like a young, still F?hnrich in 1914 Leutnant. The way the Hapsburgs promoted, probably an Oberleutnant by 1918. MobilizationCross 1912/13 as a Cadet, one Bravery Medal, a Signum Laudis X and Military Merit Cross 3rd Class X. Though can't ever tell precisely from Austrian ribbon bars.

    Here's one from :cheers: David S's collection:

    This guy was some sort of Superhuman Lieutenant: Order of the Iron Crown 3rd Class X, MMC3X with bar, Silver Signum Laudis (note: ALL Xs were supposed to be GOLD colored, but SILVER here leaves no doubt, does it? :rolleyes: ), Bronze Signum Laudis X (simply by what the usual progression of awards was) and... even a Prussian Iron Cross 2nd Class. Note typical self-awarded 1873 war medal for 1914-16 and... an unfaded Hungarian in last place.

    He was probably an elderly desk (KVK2X) Hauptmann in WW2... but what a war he had the first time! :speechless1: :speechless1:

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    Guest Rick Research

    The 1873 generic War Medal was last officially granted for the Boxer Rebellion-- though Robert Noss has a UNIQUE photo to an unidentified Austrian who got it for tagging along with the Germans in Southwest Africa during the Herero-Hoottentot war of 1904-06! :speechless1:

    When the Troop CRoss was created in 1917, many people MISTAKENLY believed that it was for HIS reign ONLY, and so they decided they were entitled to the Franz Joseph 1873 War Medal. Not so, but quite common in post-war groups. They just... wore it.

    Bavarian style's fairly common after the Anschluss, since they were right over the border.

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