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Great! :speechless1:

An interesting piece indeed and of not easy availability!

A curiosity: was the microphone the same for the models of the Heer or it has some particular characteristics?

Regards and compliments still


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Hello ,

Very nice microphone ! I have seen many of these , but the metal storeage box WOW that is very rare and a first time for me !

The microphone and gasmask was the same as for the Army , Navy , Luftwaffe or even civilian use ( chemical manufacturers used these as well as researchers using dangerous chemicals and gases used this as well ) The only way to tell if this was used by the navy would be if it has the KM acceptance stamps on it . The Navy did seem to use this item more than the other branches of the service . Watch out for a mask that has RL stamps on it as that was for civilian resale ! Since Military and civilians did use the GM30 gas mask ( with different gas filters ) the mask was the same and many sellers try and pass off the civilian SM mask as a military GM30 mask . The RL stamps are found most of the time on the inside of the mask behind the leather face seal .

Very nice box ! I would like to see more clearer pictures from all sides if possible !

Best Regards ,


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