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Hi Peter,

two possible institutions:

Volksliste Saar (national list Saar), sympathizer badge (Heering/H?sken 3rd edition, No. A103a)

or, I think better:

Volkssozialistische Selbsthilfe (national-socialist self-help), members badge (Heering/H?sken 4th edition, No. 5630a)



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I knew I could count on you Uwe :cheers: The pin in my edition is identical to this one and referred to as Volksliste, does the reference in the 4th edition to Selbsthilfe indicate a possible change of heart from H?sken's part?

These two documents came with the pin, but it's apparent they don't match the pin, as Wirsitz is located in Posen. The Ausweis states "Abzeichen f?r Volksdeutsche", is there any reference to this pin in H?sken's book?



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