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    What you guys think about this bar? Finnish Order of the Cross of Liberty 3rd Class is superb of course :jumping: . But thank you Pete A on this forum, is there chance to indicate the owner as a member of 2. Bayerische Gebirgs-Artillerie-Abteilung, unit what fought in Finland? I don't want to find out the name now ;) , just can we be sure that this bar is 100% from Bavarian unit?


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    The medal bar style, how the ribbon are folded without the bottom, it is quite typical South German (Bavarian) style... but apart from that it will be very tough, if not impossible to come up with a NCO's name, since there are no major orders which can confirm the identity of this, very likely, Feldwebel (or Vizefeldwebel). Strange because the Finnish order 3rd class was awarded to Junior officer... could have he been like a kind of Warrant officer, considering that he got the BMVK during WWI and the Finnish order just right after while the German troops helped fighting the reds?



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    Guest Rick Research

    I agree on the unit identification. I think you've got a Leutnant dR's bar-- last decorated by Bavaria while an officer candidate Vizewachtmeister dR, then commissioned.

    The Finns "bumped up a grade" on 3rd Classes and handed them out to German Leutnants. I've got one to an Assistenzarzt dR.

    An eventual identification does not seem out of the realm of possibility, but not with what we've got today.

    Just be exceptionally glad you've GOT a Cross of Liberty 3rd X 1918 to a German and remember that we have to eliminate all witnesses as to never posting award numbers in self defense against lazy dealers who don't bother to find out for themselves. :rolleyes:

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