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    Guest Rick Research

    Douglas-- I hope it is yours, in your hands-- and not for sale someplace out there.

    Discussing Very Nice Things can often lead to competition with people who don't believe in Finders Keepers.

    The last medal is the 1908 Austro-Hungarian Jubilee Medal for foreign regiments in a number of countries whose honorary Colonel-in-Chief was the Emperor Franz Joseph.

    I have one:

    and have misssed one in many many years. I have seen maybe 10 on offer in European auction catalogs from the 1980s-90s.

    Officers got silver medals, and there were also medals hung on the regimental colors.

    While I do not have exact numbers, there are fewer bronze medals to NCOs than silver ones to officers since ALL officers in such regiments got them, but only selected Sergeants did. Certain retirees were also granted the medal.

    This same ribbon was later used on the Austro-Hungarian 1912-13 Mobilization Cross. No Austrian could have held BOTH awards or a German that cross so there was no confusion.

    The German regiments eligible were:

    Prussian Garde Grenadier Regiment 2

    Prussian Hussar Regiment 16

    Bavarian Infantry Regiment 13

    Saxon Ulan Regiment 17


    W?rttemberg Fusileer Regiment 122

    so yours (I hope :cheers: ) and mine were from one of the two Prussian regiments.

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    I have numbers:

    40 golden medals (45 gramms) produced - 36 issued

    660 silver medals (32 gramms) produced - 635 issued

    2000 bronce medals produced - 1989 issued

    Luckily I have one aswell (pic) :)

    source: Johann Stolzer/Christian Steeb; ?sterreichs Orden - Vom Mittelalter bis zur Gegenwart, Graz 1996, p.273



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    Thanks a lot for your input. I had closed the deal BEFORE I put the bar here for discussion (which involves a risk, I know) but the results were nice. So I think it is mine already (I hope so either).

    I only ask your opinions on this bar just because of the Jubilee medal. As I had read here on GMIC one must be cautious with Austrian medals on a German bar.

    Thanks again to everyone that checked this topic.


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    Guest Rick Research

    Thanks Josef-- I've never seen the actual numbers before! :cheers:

    I guess we know what regiment yours came from, eh? :catjava: (And may be able to put a name to that since the W?rttemberg Merit Cross X 1914-18 Rolls will be published next year. 42 to FR 122-- just need to be able to verify that grade of the Gold Merit Cross to one of them. :rolleyes: )

    Remember: this was for ALL the foreign regiments whose "Chief" Franz Joseph was. There were 11 of them-- but only 5 were German. So less than half the bronze and silver medals (the golds were another matter) were bestowed on Germans.

    BTW, Douglas-- while Josef's and my bars were probably worn by very lucky junior NCOs on active duty (not enough wartime double time for an XXV Years Service Cross, after which they'd have retired as Leutnant aD) the XII on yours shows your "Hessian" had left the army before 1914 and was then been called back up for the war--most likely as an Offizierstellvertreter who would likely have ended up as a Leutnant dL aD.

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    Unfortunately i will have no benefit of the w?rttemberg merit cross rolls.

    my bar was plundered and i reconstructed it.

    the link shows the initial position:


    So I have no proof for the 15-years-service cross nor the AH merit cross, I'am quite sure there was one on this bar but i don't know if silver/gold and crown/no crown


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    • 10 years later...
    On 27/11/2008 at 00:48, Rick Research said:

    Awww. That is the problem with hook back bars. :(


    Still, the regiment is not in doubt.

    Dear Sirs, please allow me to re-enable this theme. I want to know which foreigners are involved in the Franz Joseph Silver Jubilee Celebration? Did you have photos at that time? I have seen a Japanese officer who won this medal. Do you think this medal is rare? The price of bronze, how many euros?

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