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    Luftwaffe Sonderfuhrer... in blue?!

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    • 2 weeks later...

    Paul, sorry but could you explain to me what is strange with these tabs by being blue ? What should be the right color ?

    I'm really not used to sonderfuhrer items !


    Thank you for the reply.

    The know tabs of this configuration are for:

    Dark Green- War Time Official and Specialist Leader

    Yellow- Fire Fighting Official

    Pink- Engineering War Time Official/Specialist Leader

    These are the only three I have ever seen in a reference book.

    Now... There are a few more that are apparently unreferenced that I have seen myself.

    Wine Red


    Black(in a friend's collection).

    This goes to show that there are many unexplained areas of militaria still out there. I am still assuming that they are medical related, but I do not know for sure.



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    Thanks, that's clearer now. Effectively, it may be medical related, that seems logic. But I think there are many illogical things when we study History.

    I agree! I would have thought that the yellow ones would have been flight related, only to find out that they were for the Fire Dept! Odd indeed!

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