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    The small group (all documented and cased) to Bosz? Ferenc that was up for sale here -- http://gmic.co.uk/index.php?showtopic=33043 -- is now settling into a new hope quite happily, thank you. Before the old thread vanishes (as the "for sale" threads do), I thought I should thank all involved there (especially Bryan and Gordon) and re-document the group here.

    Three medals:

    -- Kiv?l? M?szaki Dolgoz? / Excellent Engineering Work -- unnumbered, but documented (1955), cased, and with miniature

    -- Szahmz Kiv?l? M?szaki Dolgozja - G?pipar / Excellent Engineering Worker of the Trade - Engineering Industry -- numbered (11592) with matching document (1955), case, and miniature

    -- Tan?csk?zt?rsas?gi Eml?k?rem, 1959 / Commemorative Medal of the Hungarian Soviet Republic, 1959 -- documented (1959), with case, and miniature

    The recipient seems to have worked at the Klement Gottwald Electrical Factory. While he pops up (or at least someone of that name) a couple of times on Google, all is in Hungarian, which can't be Babel-Fished.

    (Please correct me if I got my Hungarian wrong here.)

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