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    And Iron Crosses For All. Group Photo Gren.-Regt. 7.

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    Always like this group photo from the 4th Komp. Gren.-Regt. 7. as it seems that every soldier has at a minimum the Iron Cross 2nd Class. This was mailed on 4-8-1915 and was wondering if someone has any info on what this regiment was doing around that time. Thank you,


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    It was early in the war for such a high percentage of men to have the EK II. Perhaps it is a subset of the men, even possibly after an awards ceremony. The percentage of NCOs is very high. Not a random sample of the regiment.

    If you would zoom in with a scan on the text half of the reverse to greater magnification maybe someone (like myself) who can read Suetterlin but has weak eyes (probably related, I suspect) can read it; the answer might be there.

    Bob Lembke

    PS: Ulsterman posted while I scribbled.

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    Guest Rick Research

    Upside down in the message part facing the rectangular stamp says "These are the heroes of the 4th company" so perhaps it was a group photo of everyone who HAD been decorated with an EK2-- never seen the like before! :cheers:

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