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    Hi I found this wonderful pic on a Swedish auction !!

    On the backside its written " Weinachten 1915 Konstantinopel"

    If I read this photo right he is a Leutnant z?r see , with a new ? EK II and "gallipoli star"

    How many officers was there on Goeben and Breslau ?

    Funny how theese photos can end up in all corners of the world :D


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    Guest Rick Research

    No name! :banger: There were quite a few German naval officers there who were not members of either crew, so this Leutnant zur See might have been on other duty-- possibly a submariner. He could also be a der Reserve officer-- looks a bit older than the normal 22-- and is that a tiny little dR/ dSW cross + I see in the center of his cap cockade?

    Notice that his Turkish star is worn with the TOP point at LEFT-- with its upside down horizontal pin (ALREADY non-Turkish made copies!!! :cheers: ) in a clock's position 8:10! You'd have thought he could have figured out which side was "up" from the pin!!! :cheeky:

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    Guest Rick Research

    Euuuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Epson scanner..... BIG. PLEASE!!!!!!!!

    It looks like a cheap painted one piece "Turkish issue" type BUT the horizontal pin indicates some European manufacturer. A strange type.

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