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    Unknown Inner Mongolia Medal


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    Very nice and VERY interesting. Looks to be in the tradition of the regional "Warlord" medals known from all over China. Which Warlord was active in Inner Mongolia in the 1930s? That is probably him in the obverse center. Need to check. And what does the legend say?

    A very nice find!! :jumping::love:

    Here is the image.

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    So I went to a Sushi place with the wife today, and is usually the case in Toronto, it was run by people other than the Japanese.

    I had with me a printout of the reverse of this medal and I thought what the hell let me ask the nice Chinese lady if she can read the characters...

    Well it took no time at all, as these are rather common characters... It was funny to see how excited she got. This is a rather nice establishment but she insisted on passing it around and gave me several pronounciations for the characters. In Mandarin and Cantonese....

    She suggested that Mandarin would be the language of choice given its origins.

    So here is the translation and the pronunciation of the four characters from the top one down.

    "Qin" which can mean hard working or hard studying

    "Jin" Respect

    "Zhong" The "Zh" is a hard sound, not the buzzing sound like we have in English and it means Loyalty

    "Cheng" Sincerity

    Not the answer I was hoping for but still interesting..



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    I hope we're not getting into a too-literal reading of the Chinese. What does the Mongolian say?

    The chap on the front looks to me to be Demchugdongrub (Дэмчигдонров), known in Chinese/Japanese as De Wang. He was a local notable in Inner Mongolia under the Chinese Republic, He became a fairly enthusiastic collaborator with the Japanese and was appointed as commander of their Mongolian Military Government which evolved into the Mengjiang United Autonomous Government (of which he was Head of State).

    See the picture below. He is (obviously) the fellow on the left, with Japanese "friends".

    I suspect this medal is from the early periods in the evolution of the Inner Mongolian puppet state, as Demchugdongrub was moving from local warlord status to a tame local ruler under the Japanese. Perhaps something for the Mengjiang National Army?

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