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    DDR Harbor Police

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    I wanted to start a thread on the East German Harbor Defense. They seem to have been under the Dept of the Interior, despite the Naval uniform. The sheen on the trousers comes from past ironing. Perhaps it is starch? This uniform fits me perfectly!! :rolleyes:

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    I want to see what else is out there. I would love to see an enlisted version. Please post anything related to this organization you may have!

    Does anyone have any more information on this organization? How many were there? What exact role did they play? Where they more like the US's Coast Guard or were they more of a "Security Only" role?

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    Paul R,

    Uniforms for this organization are not common and ones with a cuffband in place are scarce. I have a tunic that came with the cuffband in the pocket. Can't show a picture of it until I get my collection out of storage in a few weeks.

    As for how many there were, could not have been a lot. Just look at a map of the DR and count the harbours. It's my understanding that their function was strictly that of a police role. The DDR Coastal police patrolled the shores, and the Wasserschutzpolizei looked after the inland waterways. They all wore naval uniforms with police insignia.

    They would have worked closely with the Customs people as well as the other two police organizations mentioned. Since a lot of commercial goods moves by waterway in Europe, either on rivers or canals, the jurisdiction of all three police organizations would have overlapped somewhat.



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