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    Alexander Vassilievich Shvetsov

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    I finally have research for my Order of the Red Banner, the highest award in my collection, thanks to the extraordinary work of a fellow forum member :jumping: A friend helped me translate the citation, but we didn't have a chance to get to the award card. Any help is, as always, much appreciated!

    Thanks! :cheers:


    The medal:

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    The citation:

    ?While crossing the Dnieper river he showed bravery under intense enemy fire. he crossed the river and counter-attacked enemy tanks, taking out 1 and its crew. During the battle for __________ (?) he and his men were cut off from the rest of their unit. He was brave and resourceful. He fought back repeated counter-attacks and kept his troop?s morale high. He broke through the attacking fascists and rejoined his brigade. He killed 10 fascists and despite the fact that he had a concussion, refused to leave the battle.

    During the battle of Geranitovka on November 17, 1943 under ferocious enemy fire, he did political work with the infantry and made sure they had high moral condition and aroused them to the attack. He was the first into the village and captured 1 enemy officer and 3 soldiers and killed 13 enemy troops.

    In Tcherkassy, brave Shvetsov held back 4 tank attacks, destroyed 2 cannons with grenades, and killed 16 fascists?

    part 1 of document:

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    Guest Rick Research

    Born October 1911 in village of Bobry.

    Decorated as Deputy Battalion Commander (Commissar) Captain of 936th Rifles Regiment, 254th Rifles Division.

    Now (18.2.46) Deputy Commander (Commissar) at Military "prodpu...ta" (Sovabbrev :banger: ) No 52.

    Red Banner per decree of 52nd Army

    OPW2 31.5.44 ditto

    Defense of Moscow and Victory Over Germany Medals.

    First action mentioned in citation was fighting for village of Svidovsk on 15.11.43.

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