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The purists will probably hate me...

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Hello Gents.

Just received this nice Parade mount Centarmedaille and as it was dirty i decided to clean it...

Gently with a damp cloth to clean the ribbon...its made a very noticeable difference...

then i thought to clean the medal....now i know..there will be guys out there who will condemn my actions, but in my defense i wish to say this;

I am collecting single medal bars and i wish for them to be displayed in their original glory...smart and presentable....

I Never...repeat... Never clean medals on my medalbars...i just leave them as they are.

Anyway i do like the outcome...it looks just great!

Cheers gents


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Hi Paul, I see no issue with conservation, preservation and even restorative work as long as things are kept 100% original in everything. Appearance, materials, etc. It should be our duty while we are the caretakers of these pieces to prevent deterioration from occurring

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Guest Brian von Etzel

Nothing wrong with restoration. Items kept intact. That's a good thing. Dirty was NOT the look originally or even later as worn.

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